Bride Manual

If you are among people who think there exist any manual for bride then you are at wrong. With my wedding approaching, with each passing day, i get many wanted and unwanted suggestions about what a bride should and should not be. There isn’t anything wrong with these advices because over time iam constructing my customized bride manuals. And so can you do. Instead of fretting over all the burden, which is something natural,  about the bride’s mehndi’ s length to something absolutely personal like what should go into your trousseou, you should try to analyze your needs and ideas. There is nothing weird with not wanting a crazy wedding or in other case wanting a one. Just personalize things. Either your wedding look, list of trousseou, the functions, decide everything on your own. Because in the end all that matters is your mental peace. So girls do it all your way and darlings dont be like rest of them. Wishes n power 


Emotions and trousseau

I think I am kind of extremely sensitive person. So thought of leaving my house makes me super sentimental and it breaks me down. All things and topics related to wedding make me even more nervous. One of the things that makes the thought of leaving my house even more intense is trousseau. Buying and collecting things for my trousseau reminds of the very day when i have to leave behind my stuff that i own now. So instead of bulk buying things i have come up with the strategy of buying things randomly. I pick up random stuff when i go out with friendz and family and keep it in my trousseau suitcase. And in case be i do use some stuff occasionally. I do this to make my shift as normal as possible. For me buying stuff for my married life was bit emotionally straining. So with time i keep buying things so that it can keep me from panicking in the final moments. That is my way of dealing with my emotional turmoil which i trying to neutralize with the strategies that i can think of, so i can enjoy my time with my family without worrying about things that make me feel down. You may have your strategies and they may sound weird and eccentric to others and that is all okay. So find a way out 


Some wild background!

So let’s start with apprehensions.
You may know that the reasons for getting married can be varied, personal and numerous.  
Similarly, reasons for not getting married can be hundreds as well. So for me also there were dozens not one.

First and foremost is my own head. My own very mind. I am actually a very complicated person. So I think it’s very difficult for someone to get along with me for a whole long life. Believe me, if i were a men I wouldn’t have liked to get married to me. 


Now the second reason, I’m a loner. I love my company. With people around, I feel myself drained. So i don’t know how iam gonna survive with a complete new set of family members. Dreadful it is.

And the third very important reason is , it’s been 6 years that i have tasted the flavor of independence and i won’t trade it for even two worlds. I keep on wondering how am i going to fit in that so-called role of a wife cum daughter in law cum sister in law n et. Cet. Ra who want the new bride to come up to their respective expectations. 
Nightmares. Seriously.

And, how could i forget my hyper sensitivity. I can’t tolerate someone not knowing how to deal with my sensitive nature. That’s my biggest fear. And the problem is I dont want to curb my sensitivity but i want others to be aware of it and treat me accordingly. 

Another one biggest reason is my unwillingness to become a mother. I find myself so very short of every quality that a woman must have to become a mother. And for the time being I don’t want to change my present self and my present traits of a so called bad mother/woman.

There may definitely be other reasons but to start with i guess that’s enough for the background. And by reading you might think I am so self-centered, so full of myself, well that might be the case and through my writings, I am trying to find the way out.

Well, as the time is passing by i feel all of my insecurities surfacing one by one. But i am trying to shun away my usual pessimistic approach and doing some self counselling in order to be hopeful about this new chapter of my life.

Fingers crossed!